Donna Garcia Photographer

Donna Garcia



At her core, Donna is an artist. Starting out as a painter first, Donna fell in love with the creative process. While still in college she began to study photography under an amazing photographer named Walter Scott. Even with the encouragement of her mentor, Donna did not feel that she could create a viable profession from her art, so she put down the camera and the brush to pursue a corporate career.

She went on to study International Marketing and held prominent marketing positions for the US Embassy, London, Manhattan Associates, Empire Entertainment and Ogilvy. She was also the recipient of the prestigious Novak Award for Excellence in International Relations.

During this period Donna began writing a number of published features and she really only started taking pictures again as a “value add” to her stories. But before she knew it, she began to get acclaim for her photography, even over her writing. So in September of 2015, Donna decided to pursue an MFA in Photography full time. Donna sees photography as a natural extension of her love of the arts.

As she roams the globe capturing moments, Donna draws a lot of inspiration from her amazing family. She is a native Bostonian based in the SE USA.

My Statement.

Photography has taught me to be fearless and bold, while still kind and compassionate. I feel that if I am able to capture various truths of the human experience through photographing people, places and things in my line of sight then I have achieved success.

My photographs reflect the deepest level of authenticity in me and how I see my world. I live most organically through the lens. It makes me free. I don’t pursue my work, I allow it to happen to me and very unmethodically, I might add.

I recognize the impact that a photograph can have on a person’s life. I have seen that and it makes me feel human.


BA in International Studies (Magna Cum Laude).

MS in Communications (Summa Cum Laude).

Currently pursuing an MFA on scholarship.