1963 or 2015? The beauty of black and white photography is that it can’t always be defined by a time period, which allows the essence of humanity to be viewed  “off the clock”. It transcends time. Black and white photography is filtered thru my soul, not my […]



This shuffleboard table was in the last office that I will ever occupy. Saw it now and again, for almost four years. But today, my last day, I took this photo. For the first time I had perspective. I didn’t see the end of the table. I saw […]



Those colorful, nicked up lines. Didn’t think anyone would recognize them, but I was wrong. These lines represent little moments of excitement. The anticipation of hearing music of a new band or just an old favorite. Young. Old. Music evokes the deepest feelings of joy or sorrow. […]


The Cubs.

The longest draught in MLB History. The Cubs have not won a championship for over 100 years, but it doesn’t really matter. This day in July it was a Subway Series, White Sox v. Cubs. As most were taking selfies or action shots, I took […]



I shoot everything blind. Can’t see my shots until they are out of my camera. When I saw this photo it seemed dark. My instinct was to make it lighter, but I wanted the image to speak as it was shot. This woman, marginalized, in the shadows […]


The Gift.

We get so few real gifts in life. I was in Iceland. Ten days in Iceland and it rained one day. My birthday. In the driving rain and wind, I decided to explore Reykjavik Harbor. Hoping to get some kind of shot, through the storm, I had my […]


Ghosts in the Gap.*

True “moments” are like ghosts. When I compose and shoot photographs in a series, there is a lot of engineering but that is really secondary. What I hope to find is a “ghost in the gap”. That fleeting moment that is not meant to happen in between shots. Raw authenticity. I call it […]


Dead End.

I find myself walking into the unknown everyday. I know that there is always hope in the distance. A refuge. Maybe peace. Maybe freedom. Against a stark urban landscape of isolation, I navigate the “dead ends” until I find the throughways.

Dead End

Reflecting Sloss.

I have begun many things. Finished a few. Achieved excellence in some. I have been many different things, to many different people. But in this photo I saw myself again. My reflection on the side of an old furnace pipe at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, AL. In this broken […]

refleting sloss